OLLI @ WVU: Get to Know Each Other

Episode 10: Mental Health During the Pandemic and also Food Trucks(!) with Danielle Funk

This month we’re talking with Danielle Funk, OLLI volunteer instructor and Program Manager for the WV Center for End-of-Life Care. In this episode we talk about taking care of your mental health during the pandemic, gardening, and food trucks!

Transcript will be available on the OLLI site.

Episode 9: Keeping Your Balance with Stephen Wetmore

In this episode we talk with Steve Wetmore, a Morgantown OLLI member. We discussed his work, being outdoors, watercolor, cooking, and (of course) what he’s been reading.

A transcript is available on the OLLI blog.

Episode 8: Ankles to Car Horns with Clark McKee

Today we are talking with Clark McKee, who has been an OLLI member in Morgantown for going on five years. In this episode Clark and I  discuss his first date with his wife, his time working as a student trainer at  WVU, his volunteer work, and wherever else those subjects led us.

Transcript available


Episode 7: On Being an Advocate with Leslie Bakker

In this episode we’re talking with Leslie Bakker, an OLLI member in Charleston who worked as a registered nurse for more than 50 years. We discussed her work, her time in Northern Europe, and her work as an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Transcript available

Episode 6: The Memoir Inside of You with Sarah Robinson

In this episode, Jascanna talks with OLLI member and instructor Sarah Blizzard Robinson about her memoir, As a Result, in which she candidly tells the story of her childhood and young adult years overshadowed by alcoholism and devastating loss and how writing helped her face her demons.

Transcript available

Episode 5: Master Naturalists, Gardening, and Mindful Knitting with Annette Tanner

Michelle talks with Morgantown OLLI member Annette Tanner about the Master Naturalist program, how her childhood shaped her interests as an adult, knitting, and how to make the world a better place.

Transcript available

Episode 4: The Beauty of West Virginia and All Things Disney World with Ed Johnson

In this episode of Get to Know Each Other, our host Harry Russell sits down with OLLI member and instructor Ed Johnson. The two discuss the natural beauty of the state of West Virginia, as well as all things Disney World related! 

The link to Ed’s website: //mh3wv.org/ 

Episode 3: Midlife Career Changes, Entrepreneurship, and More with Carol Heiberger

In this episode, our host sits down with Carol Heiberger to discuss classes that she teaches with OLLI at WVU, and her passions for business and entrepreneurship. Tune in for more information about her OLLI class, Founders over 50, the importance of a business plan, and midlife entrepreneurship.

Episode 2: West Virginia Hiking and Outdoors with Michelle Klishis

In this episode, Harry talks with OLLI at WVU's professional technologist, Michelle Klishis, about her passion for hiking and the great outdoors of West Virginia. Tune in for some tips about local hiking trails for all levels of hikers. This episode also discusses some local views you can visit to capture some beautiful pictures. Michelle also talks about multiple OLLI classes she teaches related to the Monongahela National Forest and the areas of the New River Gorge.


Episode 1: Introduction with Jascenna Haislet and Michelle Klishis

Our podcast is hosted by Harry Russell! This episode features interviews with the program director, Jascenna Haslett, and the program’s professional technologist, Michelle Klishis. We would love to hear from members and instructors, if you are interested in being featured on the podcast, please contact us at: OLLIatwvupod@gmail.com.

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